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Amanda Trinder

What an amazing video !! Thank you so much Sue. Amanda's going to be so happy to see this and indeed hear such a personal message. She always talks about when she met you in Cardiff and how lovely you were when she helped you with your property search. Th
Video received within 1 days

Julian Elston

Absolutely Fantastic. Please tell Sue that is amazing. He will love it x
Video received within 1 days


Hi Sue, Oh my goodness, this is simply WONDERFUL.!!!! My wee dad will be over the moon, & he'll watch this over & over again. Thank you so much for your super speedy, really personal /warm message. Stay safe Rosalind & Emma x
Video received within 0 days


Hi sue thankyou so much xxx i am blown away! Xxx the video is absolutely fantastic xx i am literally speechless xxx
Video received within 1 days

Bethan Petersen

Sue is without a doubt an amazing and lovely lady. Received the video within 24 hours and the warmth and effort she put in - you would think she was your adoring aunt. Incredible women, incredible video. Words can’t express happy we are with it. Thank yo
Video received within 1 days


Thank you so much Sue for the lovely message for my mum. It almost put me in tears of joy as I am a huge fan of Only Fools and Horses too.
Video received within 0 days

Richard Edwards

Thank you sue Holderness for making the video, for Richard he going to love it on he birthday thank you so much, your a legend love from Scott barker x
Video received within 2 days


Absolutely fantastic video!!! My husband was over the moon with his video, he has shown all his friends and watched it so much. Thank you so much Sue for such a great video and for such a prompt response as was done so quickly. This is a must for any only
Video received within 2 days

Bob Boswell

This is great and will go down well. Thanks very much, Jim
Video received within 1 days

Lynda Thomas

Thank you Sue for the great video you made for us, my mother loved it, it really made her birthday special
Video received within 1 days

Kelly Shephard

Absolutely love it! I am so excited to show her this she will be over the moon. Thank you very much.
Video received within 2 days

Chris & joanne

Thank you so much really lovely message! I will play your message to my wife to be the morning of our wedding in august. You really have adding that something extra special to our wedding thanks so much. I will post to social media once I have played to
Video received within 2 days


Hi Sue the message you recorded today for my daughter Claire was brilliant, even doing research into my daughter's favourite band. Wonderful message. Thank you so much
Video received within 1 days


Absolutely brilliant! Thanks Sue! My Dad loved it.
Video received within 3 days


I really want to say thank you Sue for the wonderful message you did for me to send my mother in- law Hilary.You were friendly,quick, and in character and although i am waiting until the perfect time to send it to her i know that she is going to fall of
Video received within 1 days


A brilliant video and amazingly done by Sue. I am extremely bias due to being a big fan but Sue did this video fantastically. Great timescale and value. Thank you very much !
Video received within 4 days

Dennis Harttree

Overjoyed with the video Sue has done as Marlene for my grandads birthday. He’s going to love it so much. Thank you Sue!
Video received within 2 days


Fabulous! Thank you Sue. You've made a birthday boy very happy!! All the best
Video received within 3 days

Maureen Brand

Thankyou so much Sue, my mum will absolutely love this! You have said so much more than I was expecting, it’s brilliant! She will laugh so much at the cheese and onion crisps comment! Thanks again
Video received within 6 days

Pamela Barrett

Thank you, Sue for your wonderful video for my mother's special birthday! You turned this around extremely fast and it flowed just beautifully with the notes we provided. I know she is going to be absolutely delighted and you've made a very difficult year
Video received within 1 days

Jay Mills

Thank you so much Sue that was an amazing video and Jay will absolutely love it. Will tell all my friends and highly recommend them to you. It is so nice to have so much personal details included , really fantastic. Thank you again and Merry Christmas x
Video received within 1 days

Joe Courtney

Absolutely amazing!! He is absolutely over the moon and so excited to hear from you! So brilliant feels as though you know us really well. Thank you so much! And thank you CelebVM for providing this service and sorting my query so quickly!!
Video received within 5 days

Andy Sturtevant

Thank you so much Sue for a wonderful message. I can't wait for Andy to see this, he's going to be delighted - I really appreciate all the little touches you put in. All the very best - Dave
Video received within 3 days

Fans of Comedy

Dear Sue, Thank you so much for all the kind things you said about Malcolm & The Magpies 2020, hopefully pulling things together to make some more, we should have you in the next lot and play Charleen the wife of one of the other characters. Our aim is to
Video received within 1 days

Neville Dee

FAB. THANK YOU. Will make the perfect GIFT for my Dad.
Video received within 3 days

Angelo Christou

Sue thank you so much for the lovely message. You went above and beyond with the message and could not thank you more. Forgot to say thank you for the autograph you sent me a few years back. All the best & stay safe and healthy. Be amazing to meet you !
Video received within 1 days

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