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Margaret Bulmer

Would like to say to Nigel, my mum absolutely adored your birthday message to her. It really made her day, in fact I can honestly say it's one of the best presents she has ever had. She will treasure it forever. We both look forward to hopefully s
Video received within 4 days

Isobel bruce

Was very pleased with Nigel Haver's message thank him very much as lifted my friend so much .
Video received within 5 days

Mitchell Collet

Thank you Nigel for a kind and funny birthday message for my mum. She loved it!
Video received within 2 days

Rhona Barnett

Absolutely perfect and charming. Thank you for doing this Nigel. Highly recommended.
Video received within 9 days


Nigel Havers video was brilliant - witty, debonair and charming. My wife was shocked and speechless when the video started and he began to speak to her as if he knew her so well, teasing her with snippets of information that we had supplied. Then he sang
Video received within 5 days

Anne Morris

I wanted to pass on my thanks for such a great personal message recorded for my mother on her birthday recently (even referencing living nearby to Vence). She really loved it and was delighted with something so novel and different. Thanks again Nig
Video received within 2 days

Susan Blackburn

Excellent birthday message to my wife from Nigel Havers. Thank you Nigel. D Blackburn.
Video received within 2 days

Rosemary Holmes

Perfect! Thank you so much x
Video received within 2 days

Carolyn Kelman

Thank you so much for my sister, Carolyn’s birthday message, Nigel! I think it has absolutely made Carolyn’s day and she was thrilled when I told her that there was someone else who wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday and she then saw you on her tv!
Video received within 9 days

Ken Loftus

I would be grateful if you would thank Nigel for his message on Sunday which was organised by my two grown-up children and came as a wonderful surprise. Credit to them and also credit to Nigel who we all think does everything very well. Loved it. Thanks t
Video received within 3 days

Catharine Page

Wonderful Video many thanks - made my birthday!
Video received within 6 days

Melanie Pearce

Thank you Nigel. Mum will love it you even blew her a kiss. It will make her day
Video received within 4 days

Julie Hill

Fist class message, responded with 24 hours!! Really recommended.
Video received within 3 days

Paul Trewin

Great message, the consummate professional as knew he would be. Made our pal’s day. Thank you Nigel!
Video received within 2 days


Thank you so much Nigel, I know that will put a smile on her face on the day. thank you again from me and hope you get out to Italy soon ! best wishes, Robert Hoadley
Video received within 2 days

Debbie Daniels

Could you please pass on our thanks to Mr Havers...we think it was fantastic and made us giggle, also we were not expecting him to sing happy birthday to her...some lovely personal touches from him as well as our messages. We can't wait to show her on 9th
Video received within 5 days


Excellent.. absolutely perfect and exactly as asked, she will be thrilled! Highly recommended
Video received within 6 days

Kay Ward

Hi Nigel, thank you so much for my mum’s 80th birthday message. I can’t wait to send it to her on the 28th February. She is going to love it and you have helped to make her birthday extra special. Say hi to Rod and keep safe. Love Jackie x
Video received within 5 days

Mary O'Malley

That was a lovely and thoughtfully done message Mr Havers. Thank you very much for that and hope you and your family are keeping safe and well. Many thanks she will get a smile and those are rare these day so thanks.
Video received within 3 days

Linda Donegan

Loved the video! Thanks so much Nigel, you made it personal and it was great, can't wait to see her reaction. Prompt service too! Thank you!
Video received within 10 days


Nigel! Thank you so much ???? My mum was beside herself... as were we, ps are those your real curtains?! xxx
Video received within 10 days


Just brilliant, the message was lovely and so well received for a special birthday gift! Thank you Nigel!
Video received within 7 days

Carol Mary Fieldhouse

'Best present ever' said my mum! Nigel was utterly charming but what else would we expect from 'The Charmer' himself? Nigel has a lovely, genuine and warm tone in his videos which made my mum feel like she was getting a birthday message from an old friend
Video received within 25 days

Kathleen McAllister

Thank you so much Nigel, we are thrilled with the video and I am sure my mother in law will be too! A great addition to her birthday celebrations.
Video received within 22 days

Jane Macpherson

What a lovely video from Nigel. Very well done. Made my day and gave me a chuckle!! Nice pad Nigel!! A charming man.
Video received within 6 days

Gary Sorrell

Great video Nigel. I can’t wait to see Heather’s face when she watches it on her Birthday.
Video received within 3 days

Erica Lear

Came back in less than a day and was beautifully done. Erica is going to love it. Thank you very much.
Video received within 0 days

Meryl Reynolds

Absolutely fantastic!! Will make my mums day when she views it!!
Video received within 3 days

Hockney Class

Thank you so much for setting such a lovely challenge for my class - a delightful, personal message. Hugely appreciated.
Video received within 11 days


Brilliant video thanks very much
Video received within 1 days

Jo Morgan

Nigel, Thank you so so much for this - she will be absolutely bowled over! Take care Pete
Video received within 13 days

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