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Andy Birrell

Oh my days!!!! Thank you so much!!! I absolutely love it!!!! It is so much more than I thought it would be, it’s the best £25 I’ve spent, Dom is a legend!!!! Thanks again, best birthday card ever. Can’t recommend enough, LOVE IT!!!
Video received within 5 days

Caitlin Jones

Great recording - thanks Dominic! Exactly what I was looking for.
Video received within 5 days


One of the best things I’ve ever given to my sister. She was absolutely thrilled to see Dom’s message & loved how personal and funny he made it. We were in stitches when we watched it together and now use what he says in the message as our daily joke (he
Video received within 20 days

Nicola Cook

Thank you for your unique take on this. We love you man. Keep doing your thing and bringing joy to the masses ????
Video received within 15 days


Thank you Dom, my friend is amazed by this video! Top recording!
Video received within 12 days

Fiona Woollands

Thanks Dom, we really enjoyed the video you did for Fiona’s birthday. We would certainly recommend you to anyone considering. 10 out of 10 Richard & Fiona
Video received within 6 days

Nikki Bird

I love it - thank you Dominic, my daughter, Nikki Bird will love it too. It really is better than I was expecting it to be !! cheers Julie Bird
Video received within 4 days


Thank you Dominic for such an amazing and funny message. This made my partners day.
Video received within 2 days

Simone Dixon

Dom, you are an absolute legend. My wife will love the video. Thanks so much.
Video received within 13 days

Jon Stewart

Thanks Dom, great message and great singing!
Video received within 19 days


Thank you so much! Dominic, our friend was thrilled with her video, it made her birthday! You nailed it!
Video received within 10 days

Finn Cooper

Thank you so much Dominic! Made me cry with laughter.. he is going to love this. I’ll record him when I give it to him. Fabulous video, very personal too. Love it! Thanks again
Video received within 7 days

Lynn Bavage

OMG Dom! Thats fantastic!! Love It. Such a good job!!
Video received within 7 days

Laura Hastie

Thanks so much Dom, she will love this!!! Jamie
Video received within 4 days

Tom and ange

Super video very funny couldn’t of been any better. Dom is the greatest.
Video received within 7 days

Jamie Wicks

Thank you so much Dominic, you glorious bald wonder, I'm sure Jamie will love it when it's his birthday. Keep up the good work!!!
Video received within 7 days


Such a lovely video Dominic thank you! You made my husbands day! Probably year! You put a smile on his face just as he came back from a job and that’s hard to do! Amazing!!!
Video received within 6 days

joshua middleton

Great content from a top bloke Cheers Don Brynne ???? Love Penky
Video received within 5 days

Sian Bowen

Thank you so much Dom for wishing my Wife a Happy Birthday. You wouldn't believe how much it made her day. Quite easily one of the best gifts ever, thank you a million times over. Rich Bowen
Video received within 5 days

Liz Somerford

Absolutely perfect, thank you so much Dom
Video received within 4 days

Alison or Ali Phipps

Thank you so much ???? Made my night footy fun xx Liverpool will probably win the league again ????????Thanks again Ali xx
Video received within 4 days

Charlotte Martin

Thank you so much Dom! Really appreciate it. All the very best, Mike & Charlotte 5 stars all round. Have a great weekend, week, and summer too! :-)
Video received within 4 days

Julie McClelland

That was 51 seconds of pure delight! My sister’s response to me after seeing it was “OMG I &@“*ing love you ???? ????????” I’m made up with that response! And Julie has asked me to tell you her favourite U2 album is potentially a controversial cho
Video received within 4 days

Anthony Tunnacliffe

Perfect ????. Absolutely love the message, worth every penny. Everyone that has seen it thinks its amazing, in a good way. Thank you very much Ginge and Clare
Video received within 2 days

Evie Baldwin

Hero! I'll be back for sure for more Dominic based fun!
Video received within 2 days

Jordan Allan

That is absolutely fantastic ???????? Thank you x
Video received within 2 days


Absolutely fantastic. Exactly what I wanted cheers Don
Video received within 2 days

Sarah Leverett

I absolutely love Dom! Thank you SO much! Made me laugh as he does every day on the show! Love you Dom
Video received within 0 days

Paul Mann

Dom you wonderful human being! Thank you so much for my video- I have no doubt that my brother will be thrilled when I give it to him on his birthday ????. It was worth every penny! Thanks again xx
Video received within 0 days

George Lumley

My son went nuts when he saw this! Couldn’t have asked for more. Well worth every penny! Thanks ‘Donimic’ LEGEND!
Video received within 4 days

Sally Wadham

Hi Dom, You're an absolute star. Your message is flippin' fantastic and I can hardly wait for the 15th of August to share it with Sally (I'm not sure that I can keep it under wraps for that long). Thank you so, so much. Neil (and Fred).
Video received within 2 days


Loved my video message from Dom. He is so selfless, he sent me a wonderful heartfelt message even though he had broken both his legs ????
Video received within 4 days

clint and Maria

Cheer Dom, Absolutely made my day and your spot on about the best man!
Video received within 0 days

Babe Station

Thank you Dom for taking time to record such a lovely message, as always you never fail to inspire.
Video received within 0 days

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