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Thank you that was great ????
Video received within 0 days


Well What can i say.Requested it around 11.30 pm, had it back within 2 hours.What a bloke, its just what i asked for.Cheers Chesney
Video received within 0 days

Jeannie Howell

Thank you Chesney!!! Such a lovely gift, Jeannie was speechless and must’ve played the message over 20 times laughing out loud! Completely made her day... ????????
Video received within 0 days


Thanks for the amazing video. We all really loved it and you sent it to us almost immediately after the order. We were a little worried it might not arrive before the birthday but you really came through. 5 stars
Video received within 0 days


Thank you Chesney for turning this around so quickly! My friend Emma absolutely loved it!! Apparently you played a gig when she was at uni in Exeter and she’s been a big fan since! All the best, Natasha
Video received within 3 days

Lindsay Riley

Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much!!
Video received within 0 days


Thank you so much for your message Chesney and apologies for the initial confusion. Entirely my fault. You're Christmas wishes will be a huge surprise to my friend and I know she's going to love it!! Wishing you and your family a fabulous Festive holiday
Video received within 0 days

Beth Garrod

We loved it! Thank you so much - really lovely to have.
Video received within 2 days

Martyn Lee Coleman

Chesney. Thank you so much for that video message. I absolutely love it and I know the ginger tosser will love it too. I am proper chuffed with that. Amazing Thank you so so much.
Video received within 2 days

Russ Clayton

Thanks Chesney, he will love this. Can't wait to play it to him. See you at lets rock soon x
Video received within 4 days

Natalie & Karl Bentley (wedding day)

Brilliant, thanks alot Chesney, top man
Video received within 2 days

Helen Watson

I ordered my video as a birthday message for my friends 40th. She was absolutely blown away with it and played it about 8 times! It was so personalised and so cute. It didn’t take long to arrive and easily shareable across different social media. It was t
Video received within 26 days

jake lampard

Chesney!! you smashed it.. cheers
Video received within 4 days


So amazing, thank you!!!
Video received within 3 days

Luke Warren

Thank you so much for that Chesney. My mate was absolutely thrilled. Great message promptly received - couldn't have asked for more. All the best for the future - you're a top bloke.
Video received within 1 days

Steve Crawford

Very Good. Thanks!
Video received within 1 days

Gordon Davidson

Thanks Chesney! YOU ROCK!
Video received within 0 days

Helen whelan

OMG my husband arranged this. Thank you so much Chesney for the lovely message, you are so awesome xxx
Video received within 11 days

Jonathan Thomas

Dear Chesney, This video is perfect. Thank you. The speed of turnaround on this request is top class also. Many thanks. Yours Sincerely, Gareth
Video received within 0 days

Laura Jeavons

Fantastic, this is exactly what I was after. many thanks Chesney!
Video received within 1 days

Katy Allen

Awesome, thank you so much! She is going to love it and thank you for doing it so quickly!
Video received within 0 days

Abi Turner

brilliant - ch, ch ch ch chesney, turn and and face the strange ch, ch ch ch..... etc - anyway, thanks, so much fun and perfectly delivered.
Video received within 3 days

Jemma Jones

Absolutely amazing did message with his daughter both so relaxed genuine and very personalised message delivered in a very warm and natural way! Far exceeded my expectations thank you very much!
Video received within 12 days

David Betts

Hey Chesney. Thanks a million sir - this is perfect for the occasion. Really appreciate you helping make the event feel special. All the best. David
Video received within 4 days

Alex and Cat

What a wonderful video that was, Chesney. You really helped me to make their day a bit more special. And the help from your daughter made the video even more fun and warm. Thank you so much for helping me make the bride and groom smile. I hope you have a
Video received within 13 days

The Friday Bridie Club

The video went beyond what you could expect - simply brilliant would be an understatement. Huge massive thank you to Chesney Hawkes for making us smile
Video received within 1 days


Thank you. Really good. I'm sure she'll love it!
Video received within 4 days

Jane Green

Thank you, thank you, thank you Chesney!! Your message was exactly what I'd hoped for and I'm now beside myself trying to keep it secret until Christmas Day :) It was lovely to see your daughter as part of it too - what a sweetie! Jane x
Video received within 11 days

Ann and Andrew

Legend! Many thanks :)
Video received within 3 days

Jess Patey

Very belated but wanted to thank you so much for this message.. just perfect! You rock.
Video received within 8 days

Roberto Ferdenzi

LOVE IT! Thank for Chesney Hawkes, fellow Mozzerian, for message to the Moz Army on twitter, and little old me! :)
Video received within 113 days

Chris Hughes

Thanks, this is awesome!
Video received within 20 days

Scott Pearce

Thanks Chesney for making the video message for our wedding. Also, my sister was suitably embarrassed when you mentioned her name. Again, thank you also much.
Video received within 21 days

Natasha Arrand

great message, prompt service, just what we wanted - many thanks
Video received within 12 days

Vic & Maz

Great message - so genuine - my friends loved the message -thank you Chesney
Video received within 4 days

Toni Lee

Thank you to Chesney for his message, that was perfect bearing in mind he didn't have much to go on in terms of details. He did a great job.
Video received within 9 days

Steven & Sarah parker

Received the video message yesterday. It is for my Brothers wedding the end of this month. It was perfect for the wedding reception. Absolutely brilliant. Many thanks they will love it
Video received within 10 days

Damian Bailey

Thanks this was a great gift for our friend. Much appreciated!
Video received within 19 days

Baz Francis

Thank you Chesney! He'll love that I'm sure. It'll be a surprise :) Really appreciate it.
Video received within 5 days

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** If you need a video for a specific date you can cancel your request at anytime for a full refund

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